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Treasure Hunt

Do you know the feeling you get when you open for the first time a trunk you had at home since a long time and inside it you find memories, photographs, family heirlooms, jewelry? Amazement, wonder, curiosity, desire to know and to remember push you to observe every object contained in it, to search, to look at every corner.

These are the same feelings of traveler who visits the Marche region for the first time: to be in front of a treasure coffer, hidden for years in a corner that, when opened, reveals priceless treasures and gems, arousing desire and curiosity.

The region MARCHE is a territory which, despite its strategic location in central Italy along the connecting route between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, has only recently opened up to domestic and international tourism. Just for this reason it is still able to offer authentic, original and varied tourist proposals in every season of the year: from the sea to the mountains, crossing hills and landscapes reach of artistic cities, historic villages and traces of ancient settlements.

But it offers above all a superior value that binds and unifies all these elements in a unicuum that makes the Marches equal only to itself: its inhabitants, their awareness of the value of the territory they live in,  and the respect they have for it, which has allowed them to achieve excellence in many sectors of the “Made in Italy”. Tenacity, pride and, after the tragic events of the earthquake, resilience, the strong will to start again despite everything: a strong, silent community, at the same time active and creative, will welcome you, able to involve and guide you in a unique experience.

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