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Thematic itineraries of several days to discover the particularities of the territory, including gastronomic excellence, artistic beauties, breathtaking landscapes and stories … many stories told by the protagonists themselves

Base: 2 Participants

Half-day or full-day itineraries to discover single events, manifestations, places from an absolutely original point of view to make the excursion unforgettable
Base: 10 participants

Ad hoc proposals for newlyweds in romantic places where they can breathe the atmosphere of past eras or the authenticity of wonderful landscapes, where they can experience their most beautiful day combined with a fairytale stay between legends of past lovers and the pampering of exclusive services.

In a region that still maintains the authenticity of places on a human scale, a series of proposals able to involve the five senses, but also to include needs such as safety, comfort and autonomy, particularly important for people with disabilities and their companions. All-round experiences and emotions, respecting all types of disabilities, in order to organize a trip or participate in cultural events without particular difficulties. Base: 2 participants